What Is Athleisure?

written by Ntando June 5, 2017

What Is Athleisure?
A few days ago someone on Instagram asked me “what is athleisure?” This person had noticed one of my hashtags on a post of me wearing some gorgeous new leggings from one of my favourite athleisure brands. I was actually taken aback because I didn’t realise that the word athleisure wasn’t a common term yet even for some of the more fashion conscious people online. I use the term a lot and it’s become part of my daily vocabulary. My definition: Athleisure is clothing that is casual and comfortable and is designed to be suitable for exercise as well as every day wear.

Athleisure is often used quite interchangeably with the terms active wear and fit wear. The athleisure trend has seriously shifted the comfort levels in women’s clothing. Selecting the best athleisure for your lifestyle can actually change your life. Let me be clear, when I say change your life I don’t mean it in the figurative way that it’s often used online, I mean it in a very literal and practical sense. This weekend, in preparation for writing this post, I calculated the amount of time I can save in a day by wearing athleisure. On Saturday morning I saved twenty minutes after gym by remaining in my athleisure outfit after my bootcamp class and went straight to brunch with my sister. After brunch I drove to the mall to pick up a few grocery items for the house. I did eventually shower and I got into yet another athleisure ensemble after which I met up with friends to watch some Super Rugby at the Bullring. This saved me about twelve minutes, because picking a regular outfit plus suitable shoes for the rugby takes me longer than choosing athleisure (true story). After the rugby we attended a braai and guess who was still totally comfortable? Me. Because athleisure. When we got home from the braai I went for run, and guess what? No need to change into running gear, because I’m already wearing it! In total, I would say being in athleisure saves me about 45 minutes in my day. That’s a lot of time!

Think of what you could do with an extra 45 more minutes in your day? Read that book, yes THAT book you’ve been talking about reading for the longest time! Organise your shoe closet. Call your mom – because you know she misses you. All because of time-saving athleisure.

Whether you’re a student, a full-time mom or a businesswoman working from home, athleisure suits at least part of your lifestyle. You can get a full work-out and look amazing while doing it because some of these athleisure designers are geniuses! I don’t know if I should really be admitting this, but some of my athleisure will never ever be worn at gym, it’s just too pretty (and actually quite pricey) so I wear it on days when I simply have no intention of going to gym, just for being comfortable (and looking like I totally just came from gym with perfect makeup and neat hair). Some of the designer leggings I own actually feel like another layer of skin or an extension of your body.

I don’t wear “real” clothing when I travel anymore. If I’m in an airport I’m likely to be wearing athleisure because it really is perfect for traveling. I might change into a business outfit when I land depending on my reasons for traveling, but the bulk of my trip will definitely be in athleisure.

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