The Long Floral Dress

written by Ntando October 22, 2017

A while ago I was shopping online for a book that had been recommended to me by a friend. After about five minutes of earnestly searching for the book – with the intention of comparing online prices on other sites as well as delivery charges (as any fiscally responsible shopper should) with the goal to snatch up the best deal – I got distracted. The object of my distraction was a pair of cerise pink stiletto suede winter boots. So I inevitably clicked on the boot advertisement on the right of my screen and that was the last I thought about the book. To this day, I cannot remember the title of the book I had set out to procure. Of course I cannot go back to my friend and ask her now, too much time has passed – it would just be awkward. But I blame that pink shiny boot for steering me away from what I imagine was a really good book.

This story pretty much sums up every one of my experiences of online shopping. I go online to buy something responsible that I need, like a business card-holder and I walk away with shoes, perfume or a new shade of lipstick that is suspiciously similar to a shade I already have.

After buying these boots, I was somehow led to a third website, and then a forth website (both of which unsurprisingly contained no books or business card holders) where I purchased a fun, flattering, flowing, floral, frock (see what I did there).

The dress looked so amazing on the model – I had to have it! Now I’m a veteran shopper and I should know better than to buy something because it “looked so amazing on the model” but in my defence this time it worked out. The dress turned out to be very flattering on me too. With a plunging neckline and two side slits, it’s not a modest dress. So I have to be feeling quite confident on the day to pick that outfit.

I took a few photographs in the dress on the beach during sunset. At some point we were just standing there watching the sun setting on the horizon. I love a good sunset, it’s probably my favourite time of day.

Take a look at the dress and tell me what you think below. Also, describe the type and colour of shoe that you would wear with it. I should really go out and get that business card holder.

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