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written by Ntando January 17, 2017

It’s quite difficult for the average woman to look pretty and be ladylike whilst doing squats, lunges and lifting weights at the gym. It’s equally challenging to maintain your feminine glow whilst jogging up a steep hill on the Johannesburg roads. I also tend to look even less dainty when I’m exhausted and simultaneously dripping with sweat. I attribute this to being very serious about my workouts. I’m there to achieve a personal goal. Whether it is weight loss, trimming centimetres, changing my shape, toning or building muscle; I take my time at gym very seriously. And since my gym face tends to look like that of an Amazon warrior, it’s up to my gym outfit to maintain my femininity and  personal style. One of my absolute favourite athleisure brands is a proudly South African brand called Movepretty.

They are based in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape and were founded by Olympic triathlete Mari Rabie and fashion designer Annelize Kotze. Movepretty is a brand that understands that even while women are sweating it out during a workout, we still want to feel pretty, feminine and stylish. That’s right, we want it all! I take great comfort in knowing that a former Olympian who has probably experienced some of the most gruelling training regimes in the world and gone through real physical discomfort is part of this design team. I know from personal experience that a one hour session of just normal cardio training can sometimes feel like climbing Mount Everest, especially when I’ve been traveling and haven’t kept to my stricter gym routine. For one thing having cute workout clothes will encourage me to get back out there and shape up, and knowing that I’ll be comfortable in all the crucial lady parts is equally important.
The quality of the Movepretty active wear is really top notch. I mention that in particular because it’s reasonably priced. The “Ms Leggy” leggings from Movepretty will cost you an average of ZAR 550 and the crop tops are ZAR380. The regular tops and hoodies vary from ZAR 360 to R610.

I’m pictured here wearing a grey set from the Ms Leggy range and doing a few stretches to demonstrate the flexibility and durability of the fabric. So if you’ve spotted me at me at gym (in an Instagram post or a gym selfie) and wondered why I’m moving so pretty, it’s probably because I’m wearing Movepretty. I really enjoy supporting South African brands and especially women-owned businesses and I encourage you to do the same. Especially when the product is world class like the Movepretty athleisure and active wear.

Visit the Movepretty website to find stockists near you as well as affiliated online shops: otherwise if you’re in Stellenbosch you can make an appointment to visit the store at The Woodmill by emailing

If you know of any other wonderful South African brands that you’d like to share with me, please comment below and tell me about them.

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