Milano Handbag & Steve Madden Shoes

written by Ntando July 20, 2017

My personal style has definitely changed since I moved to the Middle East. At first I was just in shock. I never realised how many of my favourite South African clothing items were not classed as “modest” enough to wear in Doha, Qatar. Over here there is an emphasis on women being clothed modestly and covering their shoulders and knees in public spaces. And I endeavour to respect the law of the land wherever possible.

I wouldn’t have actually classed my previous wardrobe as revealing, but they don’t make the cut here. So I’ve had to reinvent myself stylistically. Just a tweak here, and a jacket there. A scarf over this and a pashmina over that.

The outfit I am wearing here was my selected ensemble for my very first event in Doha. All the items accept the handbag and purse were purchased in South Africa. It was a daytime event launching a clothing store in Festival City Mall. I wore my white Sissy Boy jeans from their Rosebank Mall branch which fit like jeggings and are the most wonderfully comfortable jeans I own. The blush pink blouse is from Witchery in Hyde Park Mall.

My heels are from Steve Madden at Fourways Mall, unlike the jeans – these are not the most comfortable heels in the world. But that’s the thing about beautiful shoes, they don’t have to be comfy, their job is to be gorgeous and to compliment your outfit. Its not their fault that two hours after putting them on you wonder what possessed you to (as usual) choose beauty over comfort.

I accessorised the outfit with a Calvin Klein watch and silver bracelets from NWJ. I finished the look off with a pair of rose gold metal round mirror sunglasses by Mathew Williamson.

The handbag and purse are from Milano.

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