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written by Ntando July 10, 2017

Whey you’ve spent your entire life developing and maintaining your personal style, moving to a new country can leave you feeling apprehensive about leaving behind your favourite brands that you grew up with. It took me a while to discover which brands were best for my body type in which items of clothing. Some brands made sports wear that complimented my waist and thighs, while other brands were more suited only for tops and t-shirts. Jeans were a particular struggle for me because of my body type (lots of muscle in the thighs and a round African buttock) until one day, in a fitting room far, far away – I found the one! But that is a story for another day.

Today I’m talking about a beloved British brand that I thought I’d have to say goodbye to when I moved to the Middle East – Lipsy London. I had resigned myself to only shopping Lipsy gowns and party dresses when I travelled to England, South  africa and other countries where the brand is available. I was pleasantly surprised five months after moving to Doha to discover that not only is the brand available, but the boutique is actually bigger that the one I left behind in my home country. This Lipsy offers a range of lingerie, swimwear as well as sunglasses which we never had in Johannesburg. And since the company was acquired by Next Clothing a few years ago, I can purchase my dresses online on and get them delivered to my doorstep. And because I am already very familiar with the brand and the sizing they use, I am absolutely comfortable purchasing my dresses online. Unlike other online stores that I’m unfamiliar with, where I still feel uneasy buying online because who knows how the clothes will fit when they arrive?

 This is one dusty pink Lipsy evening gown that I purchased for a five-star dinner at the Shangri La `Hotel a little while ago. It fits like a glove. The sleeves are made completely from lace as is the upper back. Traces of lace patterns along the side of the waist help to create a very flattering and pretty front.

Let me know what you think of the dress and of the Lipsy London brand as a whole by commenting below. And also share with me your experiences while shopping the brand online.

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