City Centre Rotana Doha Hotel: A Festive Stay

written by Ntando December 19, 2017

I never tire of the five-person entourage that greets me every time I visit City Centre Rotana Doha Hotel. The first person opens my car door and makes sure I don’t break a nail handling my own luggage or have a less than lady-like exit from my vehicle. One person opens the hotel door (when I don’t use the electric sliding doors) the other welcomes me to the hotel, and another asks how she can assist me, while her colleague ushers me towards the restaurant I’m dining in or the reception desk.

Rotana Club Lounge

This time I was escorted to the Rotana Club Lounge on the 24th floor for a private check-in where I enjoyed some snacks before heading to my room. The view from my window was quite splendid. I could see the entire Doha Corniche in all its glory. I also arrived at sunset so the sky was showing off a fair bit with its natural filter flowing in through the lace curtain.

Bodylines Fitness & Wellness Club

I had already booked a session with the in-house personal trainer at Bodylines so he was ready for our training session when I arrived. I was coming off a rest day and therefore eager to get started. The gym is quite small but contains all the necessary equipment for a good workout. For my session we concentrated on resistance training for the entire body. So that involved a lot of weights. I really enjoyed how knowledgable and energetic my youthful trainer was. I always appreciate working with individuals who know their craft well.

Following my gym session, I headed over to the spa area where I enjoyed a much needed shower and the Hot Coconut Oil Festive Massage which is a sixty minute full body massage that will leave you entirely relaxed and wanting more. So you should probably consider the ninety-minute option for this package.

Dinner At Teatro

Teatro’s sushi is absolutely delicious! It’s also artistically presented (so definitely Instagrammable). I also like the fact that their sushi chefs are Japanese and they learned the art in Japan. I’m assuming as one of my very knowledgable readers that you know where sushi was invented. The dim sum is also pretty good. Their menu is a mixture of Eastern & International dishes and I particularly enjoyed their Asian specialities.

Dessert At Caramel

There’s no rule which states that you have to eat dessert in the same restaurant where you had your main; and since I had heard good things about Caramel’s chocolate fondue, I had to try it. The rumours were pretty accurate. I don’t even mind that I went into a total chocolate coma. It was worth it. The fondue is served with perfectly manicured fruit on a three-level platter, but to be frank, the pretty fruit is overshadowed by the delectable molten delight.

Shower Dilemma

Before bed I was looking forward to a lovely relaxing shower – much like the one I had earlier in the spa. To my horror – my room had one of those shower heads that are inside the bath tub. It’s a personal preference of course but I don’t like this in a hotel bathroom. I want a proper shower and a separate bath tub. I opted for a bubble bath instead. Luckily, I have always felt that bubble baths are a little bit of heaven.

Brunch at Olive Oil

The buffet menu options at Olive Oil are tantalising. I particularly enjoyed the seafood paella. It was just the right balance of rice and seafood while being juicy and well-flavoured. My only regret is that I ate so much of it that I didn’t have much room left for anything else. So while I can’t tell you about the other dishes – they did look good.


The weather was particularly cold during my stay, so I didn’t hang out in the impressive looking pool area. I did however take time out to unwind in the sauna and relax in the jacuzzi. The spa isn’t luxurious like some of the other hotel’s I’ve visited but it’s comfortable and very clean. It left me with the feeling that the designers just wanted it to have the bare necessities.

When you’ve been relaxing in the sauna and are now warm and cosy in your room, the last thing you want to do is get dressed, put on makeup and make your way to the restaurant. So for an early dinner I made use of the substantial in-room dining menu. The service was pretty prompt even though it was a busy weekend. And the food was so good it called for a sneaky wintery nap.

I would recommend that if you’re travelling for business (with or without your spouse) that you strongly consider the City Centre Rotana Doha. It’s got all the essentials for a business traveller and isn’t too flashy while being an affordable hotel that contains all the comforts of home. The staff are very helpful and the business facilities are well positioned.

City Centre Rotana Doha is also situated directly opposite the Doha Exhibition & Convention Centre as well as being connected to the City Centre Mall by a convenient passage. Below are the prices of some of the Festive Season Packages that I experienced during my stay this December. It you have any questions about the hotel, please post your questions below and I’ll respond promptly.

For Your Budget:

Teatro Four Course Set Menu QR180 pp
Teatro Unlimited Beverage Package QR150 pp
Caramel Chocolate Fondue QR85 pp
Brunch at Olive Oil QR195 pp
Bodylines Fitness & Wellness Membership (Gold) QR9500 pp
Hot Coconut Oil Festive Massage (60 minutes) QR365 pp
Hot Coconut Oil Festive Massage (90 minutes) QR535 pp

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